James and Sirius attempt the ALS Challenge


“So I’m James,”

“I’m Sirius,”

“and we’re doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.”

Lily raises an eyebrow at Remus. “How many times did they have to practice before they got the timing right?” She whispers.

Remus shakes his head. “They didn’t.”

“Thank you, Lils, for the nomination.” James winks at her, who blows him a kiss back. Peter mimes a retch.

“We’ll be nominating Professor McGonagall, Remus Lupin, and our good friend Snape. You have twenty four hours, or you donate $100. Or both.” Sirius grins at the camera, throwing his hair back.

With that, James and Sirius each takes a bucket of ice-water from in front of them, and Lily’s gaze wanders for a second too long on the tensed muscles of her boyfriend’s arms. Feeling her cheeks redden, she lifts her gaze.

With a nod, the two throw the water over each other’s heads, splashing everyone surrounding them in the process. Lily squeals and jumps back, but is too slow for James; despite her laughing protests, he wraps his arms around her and plants a wet kiss on her glowing cheek.

Remus chuckles to himself, holding his phone up to the scene in front of him. He looks into the screen, and his eyes widen.


The fact that he was still filming is all but forgotten as he turns and sprints, a grinning Sirius with fistfuls of ice chasing him across the field.

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